Friday, March 17, 2017

Nothing wrong in BJP forming govts in Goa, Manipur: Amit Shah | Tv6 Updates

Nothing wrong in BJP forming governments in Goa, Manipur: Shah

Bombay: BJP President Amit Shah today justified his party's decision to form governments in Goa and Manipur, where polls gathered rightly threw fractured mandates.

Rejecting allegations that the BJP had returned to power in Goa and Manipur, Shah said the holding of the saffron had the highest votes in those states, where Congress did not get a clear mandate .

"Goa and Manipur ended up with suspended assemblies. In such cases, the tradition was that the party that has the support of maximum MLAs forms the government," he said.

Shah was speaking at an interactive session at Conclave India Today tonight via a video link.

"The party that has the required numbers is approaching the governor to form the government, that's what we've done." In Goa, Congress did not approach the governor even after, Shah added.

Both in Goa and Manipur, Congress appeared as the largest party but could not win the majority to form governments.

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