Wednesday, March 22, 2017

US President Donald Trump Says Briefed On Incident In London | Tv6 Updates

Trump says briefed on incident in London

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump was advised on occasions in London outside the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, after reports that a cop had been cut and an aggressor shot. 

"I was simply getting a report on London. Some enormous news doing with London," Trump stated, as he went into the Roosevelt Room in the White House for a meeting on ladies' human services. 

Independently, the State Department said it was nearly checking the "concerning circumstance" and was specifically attempting to see if any US guests had been gotten up to speed in it. 

"Our consulate in London is observing the circumstance nearly, " acting representative Mark Toner said. 

"We stand prepared to give all conceivable consular help should we get to be distinctly mindful of any influenced US subjects. 

"We encourage US natives in London to contact relatives and friends and family to advise them that you are sheltered, to stay away from the territory and screen nearby news."

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