Friday, March 17, 2017

Wouldn't be here right now if not for Twitter: Trump | Tv6 Updates

Wouldn't be here right now if not for Twitter: Trump

US President Donald Trump said he has reached the position where he is now because of Twitter and the social media platform allows him to bypass the media.

"(I) probably would not be here now, but very rarely. We have a huge group of people listening and I can circulate the media when the media are not telling the truth, so I like it." At a joint White House press conference with the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Trump answered a question if he ever regretted his tweets. "Besides, my second question, there are occasional tweets that you regret," asked a German journalist.
By sharing the canopy with Merkel, Trump said he and the German leader probably shared something when he came to the previous Obama administration.
He answered a question about telephone tapping. "With regard to wiretapping, I think by this past administration, at least we have something in common, maybe," Trump said.

"And to finish your question, we did not say anything, all we did was mention a very talented legal mind that was responsible for saying that on television, I did not do it. Opinion, "said Trump.

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